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Sleepin Giant is a producer from the Netherlands that's making crazy music that can't quite be classified, and is doing so by mixing unique synths, adding milky melodies, and wrapping everything up in jazz vibes that flex musicianship like most producers can't begin to reach.  His latest EP is called Purple Remixed, and allows musicians he respects to reinterpret his work.  The four-track offering came out on Original Cultures last week, and the label and artists decided to give up a freebie from the project from Lewis James, who takes a poem from Aja Monet and builds a jazzy lick into a soothing bass record.  You can click through the SoundCloud link below for the free download, or click the purchase link to purchase a copy of Purple Remixed, which features Typesun, EAN, and Sauce81.  It's a bit different, each remix has been crafted masterfully, and this one is all vibes.