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If you're a student at Ohio State University, and you like rap music, we recommend majoring in psychology.

A series of images from an Ohio State psychology test went viral because the professor used some of the the biggest names in rap to make a mundane psych test a little more interesting. The images first appeared on Twitter from @AyeeItsStephayy, and the professor referenced everyone from Waka Flocka Flame, Rick Ross, Migos, RiFF RAFF, to Chief Keef, and, of course, Lil B.

Overall, the professor's questions were pretty outrageous. The only question we have a problem with was the one that referenced Lil B. He states some pretty obvious facts at first: Lil B is blind to the haters, simps, and squids of the world. He doesn't let in negativity. He created the concept of being based, which may be the strongest faith on Twitter. Then, the professor asks 'What phenomena is at work?" Don't try to use psychology terms to explain something simple: Lil B's Twitter feed has all the answers, not your textbook. 

Hopefully these types of questions become a trend. The more students learning about psychology through hip-hop, the better our society will become as a whole. 

[via SB Nation