If you're like me, you can get lost in a sea of emailed song submissions. Add that onto the constant wave of SoundCloud, YouTube, blogs, and other outlets, and it can be downright impossible to keep up with things. Getting that clutter pared down–especially for the dance music scene–is necessary, and where Boomrat comes in.

Boomrat was launched back in July via Live Nation's Live Nation Labs project. Their aim? To help you "sift through the clutter" of the EDM Internets, primarily by highlighting what's trending right now in the scene (this is pushed by SoundCloud's API), which can be pretty damn helpful. There are playlists that are curated by those who hold weight in the scene (from artists to industry folk) and "super fans," as well as artist profile pages that will allow you to track certain producers, look at the latest songs they've uploaded, and check out their latest tweets and bio information, as well as links to all of their social media haunts.

For users, creating an account is super easy: you can either sign up directly, or log-in using your Facebook account. You give it a few bits of information (like your Twitter and SoundCloud usernames), and Boomrat will scrub them, finding artists (and friends) that you listen to. And the best part? You can hit play and listen to everything right on Boomrat!

In a fast-paced (electronic) world, I find myself always being asked "what's hot right now in EDM?" or "who are some artists I should check out?" While I have no problem doing so, a service like Boomrat might be easier to point people to–the inclusion of the hourly-updated trending chart is pretty damn on-point, and being able to see what your friends (and the rest of the Internets) is listening to currently is a plus. This is a fast-paced scene in a fast-paced world, so services like Boomrat, which can figure out what you're listening to and expand your palette, are key. If music discovery is your thing, you should definitely check out Boomrat–you might find something you weren't up on previously!