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“This album is not for myself or my fans, it’s for those who’ve never heard of me before. So instead of doing the radio route, I went this route because I wanted everybody to know Logic is a spitter, he respects and loves hip-hop, and he’s a student of the game. So it opens up with a very beautiful intro, very Kanye-esque in the instrumentation, and even the raps and the cadence. Then fucks you up with the next few records of just raw hip-hop.

“I wanted to hit the nail on the head and fuck them up in the beginning like, ‘What am I listening to? Oh shit! Six minutes straight of spitting.’ I wanted to assert that I rap. That’s what I do. I fucking rap! After that, that’s where we get into the songs with the hooks and the bridges, and the singing, but still with the raw raps.”