While we were at the Philly portion for this year's "Made In America" Festival, we linked up with Tony Williams. As most people know, Tony Williams is one of Kanye's key players when it comes to creating new music. He's best known for providing the soul-singing on Yeezy's albums, and has been with him from the start. Seriously... he's Kanye's cousin. 

During our discussion Tony spoke about the sound of Kanye's forthcoming project, which he refers to as "Yeezus 2." "It sounds like Yeezus, but it's gonna be another animal." He went on to state that he and the team are aiming to create a "new Thriller." He also spoke about the rapport in the studio and the lessons that he and his cousin have learned especially from years of collaboration and friendship. 

Check out the interview above. Make sure to do your homework on The World Famous Tony Williams by listening to his album King Or The Fool before the second installment drops.