Israel-born, Toronto-based producer Eytan Tobin just hit my radar, and I'm praising the Rave Gods for this discovery. Next week, Rare Beef is releasing Eytan's For Everyone EP, and the hazy juke/R&B/trip-hop flex that permeates throughout this release is right up my alley. That's not to say this is some turnt take on Chicago's footwork scene; Eytan has a sound and style all his own, and applies the sonic weight from his own influences and bag of tricks to this truly impressive four-track release. The cut that stuck out to me in particular was the smoky, moody brooding of "STREAMS," which marries a dark loop with some foot-stomping drums. It feels like a stream that picks up and rests seemingly at will. This one grabbed a hold of me and won't let go, so I just breathed in its intoxicating aroma and let it take over me.

Download "STREAMS" for free, and keep it locked to Rare Beef's September 9 release of For Everyone.