We've got a special treat lined up for you all today. Not that we don't on a daily basis but there's a bit of a trifecta going on here. We've got a blazing hot two-part DAD Mix from StéLouse and ahh-ooh bursting with new and super exclusive content. We've also go an eye opening interview piece with both producers, in where they additionally drop the news of their new creative collective, Hebinomichi. Meaning "Serpent's Path," the collective is about to unload on everyone starting now. We're stoked to give you the first look into all of this and let's keep it moving and get to the goods.

You uploaded your first StéLouse tune on your SoundCloud 10 months ago. With the project being public for under a year...what's going on in your head right now? You've got to be blown away a bit, yeah?
StéLouse: Oh definitely. Honestly I didn't expect the project to take off the way it has or rather as quickly as it has. Seeing people react so positively to the music I have been putting out is really something else and its something I haven’t experience before with past projects. I’m really excited to continue growing and releasing new material. At the end of the day it's about keeping your head down and doing the work, creating art that's true to yourself and challenging yourself with new ideas.

Did you make much music before this project? What were some of the things that got you into producing in the first place?
StéLouse: I was involved in a few rock bands in previous years and even dabbled in the more aggro/club side of electronic music for a few years when I first got into computer-based production. I have been producing since 2007, but most of that was all band-oriented production. You know just guitar, bass, drums and a vocal type thing. In 2011 I became very interested working in Ableton Live and wanted to do something entirely on my own. That's when I really got into production full time.

Tell us a bit about how you got into this whole future bass/R&B/soul scene and where do you see things going in 2015 and beyond.
StéLouse: Honestly when I began making tracks for The City EP I wasn’t even really aware there was a genre that my sound fit into. I was just making things that I enjoyed and found exciting. I don’t sit around and listen to a lot of electronic music, so it wasn't until about a month before the EP release that I became fully aware of what people are now calling "future bass." I honestly still don’t think my music fits into that category. I definitely see this new movement catching on with the mainstream more and being supported by larger artists, as it already has begun in the past month or so. We’ve recently seen Rusko go for a “future bass” sound and even Flosstradamus put out a remix recently in that vein. I’ve even heard Skrillex supporting some of this type of music.

I was discussing with ahh-ooh just the other day about how we’ve heard the influence of the sound springing up in larger pop artists records and even television commercials. I’ve also heard more “real” instrumentation and live elements are being put back into electronic music right now, as well as some very creative use of sounds and song structure. Its not just massive patches and Vengence samples built around a “DJfriendly” formula anymore. There are so many new artists out there pushing the boundaries. No one really talks about it, but we are in the middle of a musical renaissance. Its a really exciting time to be an artist. I’d like to think we are creating history.

So the crew is now Hebinomchi. Who all is in the crew and how did this thing come together?
StéLouse: Hebinomichi is a concept that my good friend and fellow producer ahh-ooh and I came up with. We were having a discussion about the output of music in this current day and age, and how most labels can’t keep up with the rate which we want to release the content we are creating. Or even the rate at which the listeners consume it. Its really been something we have wanted to do for a while but haven’t had the leverage to make it happen, until recently. We wanted to create our own lane in the industry and introduce people to new forward-thinking content that we find exciting. We want to build up family of like minded producers and push the boundaries. Not only creatively but also the boundaries of what other labels/collectives are doing. Innovate and inspire, that's how we all grow together. I’m really excited about the artists we currently have on board, and to name a few, Maxx Baer, JL, Jawz, and TastyTreat are all set to be releasing content via Hebinomichi in the coming months. I can name more but I will just leave it here for now (grins).

ahh-ooh: We feel strongly about curating our own unique experience to deliver and we are working on some really exciting plans to make each release something really unique and special. There is SO much music to contend with and we want to create as unique of an experience as possible. A lot of what we are working on behind the scenes right now has to do with the precise presentation of the crew and the releases coming in the near future. Everyone in the crew is just so passionate and so dedicated to their form and sometimes I think digital mediums can have a hard time communicating authenticity since there is no object to behold—just more info on a screen. We really want to strive to avoid being part of the "static" or the background and present really high quality experiences for people to sink into and focus on a bit more. Needless to say we are super stoked to get going!

Crews forming seems to be a big story in 2014 as there has to be some logic to power in numbers. Was this long term goal of yours or did the internet suck you into the idea?
SteLouse: There is always power in numbers, but more so there is power in hard working, like-minded individuals. You don’t build success all on your own. You crew up with these like-minded people and create a success story. Hebinomichi is and will be unlike other collectives out there. We have a very broad scope on what it is we are aiming to achieve with this idea and we know how to make it happen. Its been a long term goal to create a label, or rather a scene and grow it. We see the bigger picture, the long term of where we want to take this idea in the next five, 10, 20 years. We are working to build something timeless.

ahh-ooh: Exactly, the "bands" of the future are probably going to be 20 people deep and from all over the world. Staying in the game and keeping up with demand and the level of quality people are expecting is no small order. I think it was Philip Glass who said "If you don't have to invent a new process to do something then you probably aren't doing anything new." So we fully intend to flex on the common crew model and see what kind of familiar weirdness we can create through experimentation.

Ever since your debut EP with DIEHIGH, you've been collaborating a lot with other artists and producers as well. Who's left out there you really want to work with and who are some dream collab scenarios?
StéLouse: The City EP really put me on the map with a lot of producers that I admire and respect, and it's been great to be working with a few of them. There are so many out there I want to work with. I’d really like to work with other songwriters more then anything, as I consider myself as more of a songwriter then just a producer. A few dream collabs off the top of my head would be Banks, The 1975, Blood Orange, Jade and Davey from AFI (my favorite band ever). And as you know I’m a big '80s music buff so I’m go out on a limb here and say Phil Collins and Robert Smith.

If androids did in fact dance...would they dance listening to StéLouse or would they keep it chill?
StéLouse: I’m fairly certain androids already do in fact dance.

ahh-ooh: I can see Data from Star Trek vibing out to some Sixteen biz on the holodeck FOR SURE.

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Ahh-Ooh Mix:
01 StéLouse x ahh-ooh - Sex Panther [Hebinomichi]*
02 Wreckx n Effect - Rump Shaker (ahh-ooh Flip) [Free release]
03 StéLouse - Sixteen (Choosing Illusion) w/Father Dude*
04 ahh-ooh - StarLight Heart [EDM.com]
05 StéLouse x ahh-ooh - IntroJuice [Filthy Fortune Records]
06 SevnthWonder x StéLouse - Who’s Booty Is It? *
07 Jaymes Young - Habits Of My Heart (StéLouse & Curious Kontrol Remix) [Atlantic]*
08 ahh-ooh - Freq [Filthy Fortune Records]
09 George Maple - Talk Talk (Jawz Flip) [Free release]
10 Polar Youth x ahh-ooh - ID*
11 StéLouse - ID (ahh-ooh Remix)*

StéLouse Mix:
01 Diamond Eyes x StéLouse - Times Square [Die High]*
02 StéLouse - T-Shirt (Maxx Baer Remix) [Die High]*
03 StéLouse - Joyride (JL Remix) [Die High]*
04 ODESZA - Say My Name ft. Zyra (StéLouse Remix) [Counter]*
05 Evoke & Pusher - Answers [EDM.com]
06 StéLouse - Babies In Bars [Rooftops Horizon]
07 Daffy x Maxx Baer - Summer Falls [Terrorhythm]*
08 TastyTreat x Red Milk - It’s You [Free release]
09 Lido x ZHU - Faded (Rusty Hook Flip) [Point Point]
10 Tinashe - Vulnerable (Dave Luxe Remix) [Free release]
11 Cleindl - Girl [Free release]
12 StéLouse - Sixteen (Leon Osborn Remix) [Die High]*
13 StéLouse - ID*
14 StéLouse x Rusty Hook - SpaceBar [SYZYGY]
15 Doja Cat - So High (StéLouse Flip) [MAU]
16 Opal - About Us [Free release]
17 Laetho - Want Me [Hebinomichi]*
18 Kyle Cook - Jaded Echoes [SouthEastGrind]
19 StéLouse x ahh-ooh - ID*