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We’ve brought him up a few times so there’s really no reason you should be missing out on Andru.  The Montreal-based artist has been delivering knocking beats to these Internet streets for a minute now.  His Bells EP is especially dope, and while that was some crazy trap-esque beat monster shit, in the last week Andru showed us another side.  Remixing Dawn Golden twice in the one week, Andru first gave us something closer to his usual trap sound (and it’s heavy), but yesterday he dropped a different, more house take on the track “Last Train” and really flexed.  It’s somewhat in the vein of the house coming of the UK with airy, ‘verbed out vocals and a thick clicking bassline, but ultimately is still Andru with the special ambiance he creates on every track.

In between those two tracks, he also dropped a forty-six second clip of a new one called “woah” that we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out because... woah: