For a genre that was built on the 12" single, it's amazing how few releases actually hit the vinyl circuit these days. A lot of the vinyl buying these days is for niche markets, yes, but I come from the drum & bass school, where it felt like they were some of the last holdouts of the digital revolution. I love a dope physical release, and while cassettes have been the wave for a number of imprints, WEDIDIT has sorted out a special limited-edition 12" for RL Grime's new single, "Core." There's not much to it; there's no wild colored vinyl here, but the cover art is fresh, and this edition features the main version alongside instrumental and clean versions of the tune. Surprised they didn't sort out a special VIP or b-side for this release, but yeah. This one is $10 and limited to 1000 copies; get your pre-order on today.