According to Avicii's manager Ash Pournouri and "the voice of Ultra" Damian Pinto, Daft Punk played a set at Ushuaia Ibiza. Do we believe this happened? It's hard to say. It's kind of odd that this would happen and all that came out were shaky cellphone camera pics and shaky video. It looks like a LOT of people were out there; couldn't someone have had the wherewithal to get us a steady, solid shot? Also, what in the hell were they wearing? The last time we saw the androids, they were rocking all-white suits with white helmets; why would they rock short-sleeved button-down shirts, jeans, and long-sleeved black shirts? I get "hiding your identity," but we know who Daft Punk is. If you're going to surprise people with a live gig, why come in looking like helmet-rocking randos?

Some speculate that this could've been done in conjunction with the quiet worldwide release of the Human After All remix album, but is that really enough reason to randomly drop in on Ibiza to play a set looking like android tourists? And keep in mind, Ushuaia's Facebook and Twitter accounts, which are pretty lively with photos and updates, mention nothing about Daft Punk performing there, even in jest. Seems kind of odd that they wouldn't hype it, even after it being a "surprise," right?

We'll keep an open mind, but don't be surprised if this ends up being another Arcade Fire-esque troll.

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