One of the realest quotes I've ever read about EDM is how easy it is to go ahead and tour a banger of a single. Who needs albums, amirite? Earlier this year, Anna Lunoe truly impressed me. The lead single from her forthcoming Ultra Music EP, a beautiful ditty entitled "All Out," did a lot for helping push her outside of the pack of "dope producer/vocalist/DJs," making her stand out amongst her peers. About damn time, too. If you want to see her magic live and in person, you should flock to one of her All Out Fall Out tour dates, which kick off in September and run through the month of October, taking her throughout North America.

Anna says she's taking some time to hit the studio before she goes on tour, so expect some new bits in her sets. For now, check out the full list of All Out Fall Out dates below, and snag tickets ASAP.