For the latest episode of The Drop, Photek sits down with Adam F, a legend in his own right. If you're a fan of Metalheadz, you definitely know of him from his work on Platinum Breakz, including the seminal "Metropolis." He's also the guy behind the classic "Circles," and saw his career progress from just making drum & bass and DJing to working with the likes of Redman, LL Cool J, Method Man, and many others.

It's interesting to see Adam F and Photek chat, as they have very similar tracts, where they went from being big deals in the dnb realm to blossoming outside of that 160/170 BPM scene, and taking over the world. They do a lot of comparisons between how it went down then and what might be better (or worse) about how things are done now. Who would've thought that, in 1998, we would see these two achieve so much to then come back in 2014 and breaking down the way this scene has progressed over the last 16 years? Amazing.