When I think Darq E Freaker, I don't immediately think "yeah, he definitely needs to be remixing Kelis tracks." No diss to either of them, just not something I ever assumed would be in the realm of possibility. That said, this remix is definitely not something I'd expect from Darq E. I'm usually more into his massive grime tracks, bringing in truly-leftfield sounds and making some hypnotic, ferocious beats out of them. For his take on Kelis' "Friday Fish Fry," he makes what might be the kind of lounge-y, space-age shit that we figure goes on in the mind of someone like Kelis. This is a unique take on R&B, almost sounding like Kelis is floating through an every-changing spacecraft. It's definitely beautiful, but if you're expecting some kind of "Minger"-esque turn up, you might want to turn around.