Seems only right for the final installment of Boiler Room's Ibiza Sessions for 2014 to end with a bang, and in a summer of endless high-profile B2B sets at festivals around the world, it actually doesn't get much bigger than "JESuS." The name functions as a portmanteau for the involved producers and DJs: Jackmaster, Eats Everything, Skream, and Seth Troxler—each of whom are legends in their own right across a mind-stretching array of electronic music that they've each played a significant role in molding themselves. Not to mention, they are all rockstars and jokesters in their own right, and giant amalgamation of their musical and party ethos into one group just makes a ton of sense. You may remember we told you about their radio show last week, or when ESuS went B2B2B last year in Ibiza. JESuS is going live straight from Ibiza from now until 3PM EST, and they're already having a raucous time. Would strongly dare you to have sour Monday vibes while having this as your background music.

(Boiler Room)