There are producers that pop based on passion, marketing, and gimmick. Then there are artists that are on cruise control just casually fucking the entire world up. While Evol Intent have always been a top notch trio, drum & bass hasn't really been big in the United States in some time, but they've continued to release incredible music and refuse to stop building the brand. The fact that their name even still exists is pretty impressive, particularly when you take a peek at our list of EDM producers that you didn’t know made drum & bass. Most of the acts have given up on their aliases or given up on drum & bass.

That said, while in the middle of solo projects, touring, and every day life shit, Evol Intent have been knocking out mixes, live shows, mastering their entire back catalog to release for free (if you fuck with drum & bass at ALL you really need to pop over to their SoundCloud), they've been releasing singles as well, and their latest is simply beyond description. Their description of "Under The Radar" as a "ragga-inspired 170 BPM half-time DNB smasher with hints of skullstep" is pretty effective. This one is nuts, and it's available for free download:

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