When Dirty South signed with Astralwerks, it came with word that his second album would be accompanied by a short film that he wrote, shot, and directed. Without much word on what he'd be making, it was hard to really speculate on how deep Dirty South would've gone into this short film. With the trailer that hit the Internets today, though, it appears as though he truly went in.

Much of Dirty South's new sound has referenced pop and indie vibes that he's been feeling, but this quick clip of With You, which he says is "meant to complement" the album (and vice versa), it has sort of an independent film quality to it. As Billboard tells it:

"The film's plot is a blend of science fiction and epic romance, following a young boy who falls in love with a girl from another planet. She has strange and hard-to-control powers, and accidentally erases his memory when they kiss as kids. They part ways for years, until he sets out on a quest to find her."

Definitely heavy, and kind of a game-changer. Although the EDM scene doesn't tend to focus on album-length projects as heavily as singles, this could flip the script, driving more producers to expound upon these concept-driven longplayers that they're creating.

With You (the film) is being screened in Los Angeles on August 11, and could be showing up in film festivals as well. The album is said to be dropping later this year.