Sometimes living in this world, trying to keep up with the latest in music for you androids can make it hard to connect to what's going on out there. Stories like this tend to pull you back into reality. Last week, 298 people died on Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, which crashed in Ukraine after being shot down by a missile. I'm not deeply soaked into the who's, why's, and what for's, but it's sad to know that someone within our world lost a dear friend in this tragedy.

On Facebook, Martin Garrix posted a song that he worked on with a Darryl Dwight back in December of 2010. A quick Google search confirmed what he was saying, that Darryl Dwight (aged 15) alongside his mother and sister all perished in Flight 17. In his Facebook post, as you can read below, Martin cites Darryl as an inspiration. The track is nowhere near the big room intensity of an "Animals," but hearing this lets you see Garrix's progression. Check out Martin's FB post down below, and check out the tunes Darryl had on his SoundCloud page.

(EDM Sauce)