Sometimes I have to laugh when people throw stones saying that we rarely cover acts that are up-and-coming. This one popped up while I was gutting my inbox, going through submissions, where I uncovered this rowdy number from Banana Chips entitled "In This." Now despite the fact that this Baltimore, MD / Buffalo, NY repping producer has had Plastician drop his tunes on Rinse FM, and has been featured in his share of Team Supreme ciphers, at press he's sitting at 320 SoundCloud followers (and only 20 Twitter followers). And while this track is more of a number that you'd use to ensure maximum hype during a live set, you can't front on how had it bangs. If you're looking to just get shit crunk, you need to be all up "In This." Be on the lookout for this one and his EP, which he says should be out sometime later this year.