Earlier this week, the Internet was abuzz about Rick Ross' recent visit to Detroit. Reports circulated that the 38-year-old rapper was kept from performing at the Hot 107.5 Summer Jamz concert after a mob of 100 people blocked his entry to the venue. Trick Trick was also named as being involved in preventing Ross from performing. Ross shared his own side of the story a few days ago, explaining the mob scenario wasn't true and that a peace protest took place outside of the venue. Either way, it sounds like someone didn't want the Boss to perform.

While initially keeping silent on the matter, Trick Trick has finally responded to claims that he was involved, and he gets right to the point in his video message. "It's none of your motherfucking business. That's a grown man, I'm a grown man. Grown man don't put grown man business out to the motherfucking public."

"If I wanted to address it, I would have addressed it," he continues. "I move how I move because I stand for something." Trick Trick goes on to criticize people who have taken this incident out of context with rumors about what happened. "Ya'll all got the game fucked up. That's what's wrong with this motherfucker now."

Watch the full video above.

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