Techno is one of those things you sort of get, or you don't at all. If you're a raver of the festival generation, you've probably in all likelihood have not gotten to the point where you sort of get it just yet. If you, like me, got into dance music before the festival craze tipped off to the latest heights, then you probably are getting your fix in all kinds of places. Maceo Plex is one of the dude's who I know is going to regularly take me to that place and his new forthcoming EP is doing just that. Maceo Plex has an EP dropping next week, June 9t, via Richie Hawtin's MINUS label and the previews are stirring my loins. These three tracks bring some straight heat with the two-step basslines, the crazy trippy soundscapes, and the tribal atmosphere to bring you right through one heck of a Shamanistic journey. I neeeeeed this EP neow!!!