Have American ravers caught on to techno yet?  Like legit, hard-driving, down-the-rabbit-hole type techno?  I don't know but I know I have and it's easy to stay on that tip when tunes like this new one from Eekkoo. "LZRD" combines a driving and pumping rhythm with crispy snares and breezy club flare to make this a big hit.  We know this isn't finding it's way into a mainstage set right now because it doesn't have any diva vocals or played out indie dance samples, but don't sleep on this for a second.  Pretty much right out of the gate, this track goes full-steam ahead and could have any dancefloor throbbing in a hot second.  Eekkoo's "LZRD" is the first track out in what will become a stream of releases.

Speaking with THUMP, Eekkoo said, "I’ve got a couple of remixes I did for several artists on the way. Some from the electronic scene but also some indie and pop pieces, like the remix I just did for the Australian group, The Presets. Those will be followed by my second EP coming out on mau5trap that both the label and myself have put a ton of work into. Hopefully a lot of shows come from that and also Deadmau5 is getting on tour soon, so hopefully that will open up some more doors for me. I’m really just excited to see what comes next."  With that said, it seems Eekkoo will have multiple opportunities to continue to strut his stuff like he did on this.