Mexico's Billion Dollars is really making our jobs easy on us, as he's handing us packages of originals faster than we can write them up and is somehow speeding up his submissions as these tunes get better and better. And though there's something to be said about keeping the playing field level and giving everyone a chance, we have full plans to grab and push absolutely everything he hands us. He's following up last week's exclusive track "Dollahton" with another fire record called "Worldwide" with those subtle swings that he's making his name with, low end built to kick your back in, and aggressive synth work that all work in concert to result in an undeniable banger that he's handed us to give out for free. This one is downloadable below, and I'm sure Billion Dollars will be back in our inbox later this week with another set of offerings. The determination from this incredible producer is inspiring, really.