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At least, we hope it's true, as this would be pretty insane. Last month, Beatport took a stand against producers and labels trying to game their oft-disputed charts by punishing those who they know were attempting to sway their charts. An interesting new Tumblr popped up today that looks like it could be the next salvo in Beatport's attack. While there is no confirmation that Beatport Banned Tracks is in any way affiliated with Beatport, it has started listing releases that it says have been banned by Beatport, and if this information is real, this could get hairy. It definitely includes a release on Coldharbour, which is Markus Schulz' imprint (the track is from his Dakota project), as well as a Mob Tactics release on Cause 4 Concern. The most interesting thing about this is links for each of these releases will take you to the following screen:


We want to stress that, as of right now, there's no word on this being officially linked to Beatport; we've even seen some chatter that indicates that Beatport officials have said this has nothing to do with them. DAD has reached out to get some answers on how they know the tracks are banned, but keep it locked to their Tumblr page, as this could get interesting.

EDIT One DAD reader left an interesting comment, which is something we noticed: the "restricted" pages mention the items being "restricted in your territory." It looks like it might (obviously) mean that there's a country/territory restriction on certain tracks, which has been done before (certain songs/releases might get a European iTunes/Beatport debut before going world wide). We're reaching out to Beatport to get some kind of clarification on that as well.

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