Asian-American rappers have never been documented as intensely and passionately as other areas of hip-hop have been, especially highlighting the struggles they face trying to break into mainstream rap. That is, until today. Director and producer Salima Koroma and producer Jaeki Cho are in the process of creating a documentary highlighting a few key Asian-American rappers in their forthcoming project, Bad Rap

As of today, Salima and Jaeki were able to create a 40-minute version of the film out of their own pockets with no outside funding. They've been teasing the documentary with little snippets on the four major artists featured, which include Dumbfoundead, Awkwafina, Rekstizzy, and Lyricks who all "dream of succeeding in the mainstream, selling out huge venues, hearing themselves on the radio, and becoming household names."

In the teaser above, Dumbfoundead speaks about his personal journey in the game, and shares some insight through his frustrating experiences. The trailer for the documentary can be seen below along with another teaser, as well.

They're currently crowdsourcing to complete what they hope to be a 70-minute version of the film, and more info on that can be found on their Indiegogo, which lists what their plan is and where the contributions will go.

For now, watch the two trailers below and keep an eye out for the doc and their progress, with more info on their site.

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