The McMash Clan are a trio from London that are elbowing their way through the industry with incredible looks and great music.  Supported heavily by Circus Records, this DJ and production team is releasing ferocious records and mixes that exhibit musical capabilities that are absolutely abnormal.  They have a four-track EP dropping in a couple weeks called Birds Sing, and though the teasers up on their SoundCloud defy genres and are more than enough to gain your support, we were elated to get our hands on the premiere of the full length of "Shadow Dance."  It's unquestionably huge, and combines club kicks, trap vibes, and electro synths in unbelievable fashion.  The rest of the release is equally nuts, and we highly suggest you hit the purchase link below to pre-order your copy of Birds Sing while you're here. This EP is out on May 26, but waking up to that automatic download is the power move.

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