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It would appear as if every time ears piqued by the latest in underground tropical bass music listen to Europe, when it comes time to head to Germany, there's no other name to check for first than Schlachthofbronx. With a now trademark style, the duo makes a sound that makes clubs worldwide thump, shimmy, shake and glisten with the sweat of excited revelers. With the May 28 release of Rave and Romance—a new album of new material—the video dropped today for lead single "Lights Off" signals that Schlachthofbronx can take any sound and truly make it their own.

Bounce rapper Nicky Da B (of Diplo's "Express Yourself" fame) has his salacious vocals warped on this bouncy trap-tinged swinger for maximum booty-grinding effect. As well, the 100 Black Dolphins crew-directed video featuring turnt up female zombie twerkers pretty much nails the vibe and sends this over the top.

Rave And Romance also features artists like Bonde Do Role, Warrior Queen and Candelilla. The (worldwide shipping) online store is now open for business at and provides pre-order for new Rave And Romance items (shirts, limited picture disc vinyl) as well as stocked goods and classics like logo shirts, stickers, tattoos, and lighters. With an intense schedule of forthcoming festival and club gigs, this track sets things off perfectly for their globally-active summer-to-come.