The idea behind Raury's "Anti-Tour" is simple: set up camp outside of someone else's show, do a guerrilla-style performance and try to "steal" the artists fans. It's not negative, in fact, Raury explains how he's using the "Anti-Tour" to attract new fans, and get his music heard. In the second "Anti-Tour" mini-doc, which is exclusively made of fan footage, Raury waited on a bridge above the Masquerade in Atlanta where Childish Gambino was performing. After the show, he performed while fans were leaving the venue.

"I know there's probably some rumors about me going and attacking people's shows and crashing them in a negative way or something like that but that is not the case. Every person that I chose to go and do this thing at, is a person that I'm a fucking fan of, a person that I love their music and I have faith in their fans, their fans have eclectic ears. You know, they can understand my stuff, too."

In the most heartwarming part of the clip, Raury expresses how important having a fan base in Atlanta—his hometown—truly is. Watch it above.

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