We're a little late to the punch on this, but this track popped up in my Twitter feed and I'm scratching my head on how I missed it on the first pass. M.I.A has transformed Beyonce's girl power anthem "Flawless" into an even more power-driven feminist trap tune that will have you throwing shapes from the jump. Apparently M.I.A reached to Queen Bey's camp about sampling "Flawless" "months" ago, but never heard back. What's more unclear is how involved The Partysquad were in on producing the track. "Baddygirl 2" has "PARTYSQUAD" in the title and tags, and we've seen a few sites incorrectly attribute production to "Party Squad" (their official name being "The Partysquad"), but nothing more solid than that. We've reached out to the 'Squad to see what their involvement was and we'll let you know when we do. In the meantime, try not giving a shit who produced this, because it's the best MIA joint in a hot minute, definitely on par with anything on last November's Matangi album.