I'll be the first one to admit I've got an embarrassing obsession with Kiesza and, more specifically, her song Hideaway and the undeniably epic video that goes with it. So you know when I saw the boys of Bix tee'd up for a deep house remix on this '90s flashback, it would be safe to say that my pants got a little tighter. What Canadian singer/songwriter, Kiesza, provides in soaring vocals in the original track only serves as a supplement to an excess of classic deep house bass, percussion, and piano loops from the LA duo.

This remix is just another piece in a series of release that have left fans, bloggers, and everyone following the upward trajectory of the Bixel Boys wondering when or if they plan on picking a genre anytime soon. As a friend and colleague of mine said in a Facebook post the other night, "RIP to genre specific DJ sets," to which I would respond, "RIP to genre specific DJs," or producers for that matter.

Of course, this uncategorized mesh of genres all makes sense with the #FREELIFE mantra and associated high-demand, high-fashion, high-as-hell #FREELIFE jerseys that fans around the world applied for a chance to wear this past week. So if you think you know what's coming next or you're hoping to pigeon hole the sounds of these up-and-comers, then you might be shit out of luck...and, more importantly, missing the point all together.

Check out some well crafted words from the boys below and let us know your thoughts.

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