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We're not sure if you've been keeping up with world news while you're in the middle of turning up, but Serbia has been going through a devastating ordeal, as floods have left dozens dead, and thousands homeless.  Three months worth of rain fell in just three days, and news broke yesterday that the country's largest power plant could be affected if things get any worse.  Slovakia's Kepikei is living in Los Angeles, but is doing what he can to help, and all of the proceeds from his latest four-track release on Top Billin are going to help the people of Serbia in their time of need.

The Back To School EP is a techno offering that dives deeper into influences from Berlin and Detroit, and is absolutely marvelous and worth your money anyways.  Kepikei allowed us to give away a single from this release in hopes that more eyes will land on the project, and while he gave us thumbs up to launch "Spun" as a free download, we ask that you support this release if you can by clicking the purchase link to buy a copy of this via Top Billin's Bandcamp, or share this link around if you don't have the funds to lend a hand.  If you wish to take things a step further, you can feel free to hit the Serbian government directly at with funds via PayPal.