If you're looking for the next wave, Night Slugs is usually a great place to look.  The UK label has been ahead of trends before and always delivered their own unique take on emerging styles for years and this new track from Bok Bok is no exception.  "Howard" is a new track on Bok Bok's forthcoming Your Charizmatic Self EP set for later this month and features a twist on the growing psychedelic beat-style that's taking over the global underground and usurping the top 40 charts.

"Howard" is a jazzy mind-bending soulful number with stop-start rhythms, twinkling chimes, and a whole lot of #feels.  There's just something about the way this track is put together and arranged that's almost like infatuation in musical form.  The "does she like me or does she not?" feel where you can't help yourself get caught up in your own feelings but are still opportunely reminded of the reality - which is that's ever-changing and you don't know until you act.  One thing I know is that I do love this track and I'm excited for the release on May 26.