NYC's own Austin Millz has been on my radar since the fall of 2012. When I met this dude he was still working a day-job in marketing and hustling his music chops on the side, trying to figure out the way to make his dream work. Today he's living that dream as a 24/7 creative. After making the necessary switch from an Ableton MPD (which he can kill) to the Serato and turntables, Millz has taken his game to a whole new level as he now not only routinely DJs all over the city at some of the hottest parties, he's been taking his show on the road with slots at SXSW, touring with Dim Mak's Will Brennan and just truly out there living a dream. He's still got a ways to go, but the progression has been beautiful to watch as he's been carving his own #cozy niche.

Whether he's bringing the oh-so-sensual vibes of one of his future cozy edits or bringing us some more up beat flavor, Millz certainly knows how to touch you in the all the right places. His newest is a bit different from his last in that it's not beat music as much as it is more in line with the Jersey club style. The frenetic vibes on this one are crazy and could easily send someone over the edge if they aren't quite ready for it. G's, play this for the thotties as you break out of them winter cuffs and just hit 'em when they ain't ready—this is their anthem.