Vince Staples has worked with some of today's best artists: Odd Future, Mac Miller, Schoolboy Q. But this LBC native and member of The Cutthroat Boyz knows the secret to true art is not just bringing artists together, but bringing worlds together as well. And there is no better spot to do that than at SXSW.

"South By is cool, you know," Vince says. "It's so much good stuff in such a small area." Perhaps that's why this year marked his third time at the festival. "It's impossible to not run into something that you might like. It's easy for worlds to collide at South By Southwest."

And collide they did. This year's festival proved yet again why SXSW is the ideal place for music, art, film, fashion, and many other mediums to converge and collaborate. While Vince was there to do his part musically, he was also happy to soak in everything else the fest had to offer. "I think all creatives kind of have something in common," he says, and "South By is a place you can see everything."

For more on Vince's thoughts on music and the magic of merging creative worlds, be sure to check out the video above.