Back in January, London-based dance duo Sigma released a mix of Kanye West's "Bound 2" as a free download. College buddies Joe Lenzie and Cameron Edwards essentially reworked Kanye's hit off Yeezus with new vocals into an all out electro club mix that's basically "Bound 2" on steroids. 

With the support of BBC Radio 1 and 1 XTRA, Sigma went back to the studio and recorded an official single version which dropped on April 6. Now it's the No. 1 song in the UK. Charlie Wilson's vocals were covered by a session vocalist, and that part is looped over and over again. It's now being referred to as a drum ‘n’ bass mix called "Nobody To Love."

The song itself isn't bad, it's just completely different than the Kim K ballad that we've grown to love and imagine myself walking down the aisle to. However, the video makes little sense and essentially looks like a Hollister commercial. It was apparently filmed in Cape Town, South Africa which might explain those seemingly out of place dancers who show up towards the end.

Watch it below:

[via MetroUK]

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