Combined with earlier news of a May disco blowout at the Hollywood Bowl featuring co-headliners Chic and Giorgio Moroder, HARD's release of Kalamazoo, Michigan-born DJ/producer Seth Troxler's mix promoting a five-stage summer festival on August 2-3 with names like the Martinez Brothers, Maya Jane Coles, Jamie Jones and Visionquest also tagged in the mix's SoundCloud notes possibly showcases a desire for the event series to move towards being increasingly inclusive of more than hard electro and trending-towards-top 40 sounds. For those unfamiliar, Troxler's lane of excellence (aside from starting beef with fellow house producer Nina Kraviz) is in laying down progressive tech-house vibes more meant for the playa at Burning Man than for peak-hour bottle poppers. There is no playlist attached, but from a stylistic standpoint, it fits with Troxler's standard for deep and moody grooves set against a sparse soundscape. If interested in tickets for the event, they are now available.

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