Pusha T covers the brand new issue of Acclaim Mag which hit shelves today. The story—written by Andrew Hickey, with photography done by Clement Pascal—covers everything from his past, to Fear of God and Wrath of Cain, to his critically acclaimed solo debut, My Name is My Name, and his forthcoming album, King Push. Of course, the rumored Clipse reunion came up in the talk, too.

On King Push: "The title alone is like my proclamation to being great. Great at what it is I do, and that’s lyric-driven hip-hop.”

On performing solo: "There was the comfort zone of having my brother with me on a stage or on a track. It made my job a lot easier and I recognized that once I went solo."

On a Clipse reunion: "It's obviously something that’s spoken about on a lot of different levels, from Kanye to Pharrell to different labels to me and my brother. I would like to see it come true but I’ll just sit back and wait on it." 

Read the full cover over at Acclaim Mag now.

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