Thick Thursdays? Maybe. Main Course has been on a roll, officially, and this forthcoming heater from Jesse Slayter means they have no signs of slowing. Entitled "Thick," this Slayter slapper sits nicely in that delectable bounce region, where everything from twerk to whateverthefuckyouwanttocallthosesounds resides perfectly. He throws in some alternating vocal samples, but this is all about that meaty bass, which doesn't get assaulted by crappy drums or anything. The percussion on this one gives it a deeper vibe, making this one a mid-set scorcher more than an opening salvo, which is perfect. Need all kinds of sweat for this one.

"Thick" will be released for free via Main Course on April 10, and will also be featured on their forthcoming SNACKS Vol. 4 compilation, which is out on June 3.

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