Houston's Wheez-ie is the producer's producer, a tastemaker from Houston that has a stronger handle on footwork than most.  His production is dark and ferocious, but it looks like his next move is taking a stab at content curation, and he's hit the nail on the head with a hammer on his debut offering   He's launched Southern Belle Recordings, and his first release features a new EP by none other than DJ RashadTEKLIFE affiliate DJ Spinn collaborates on two of these releases, one of which also features production from Manny.  Samples like "fuckin' with that molly, she ain't gonna let you bust" and "Robitussin ain't syrup" turn this EP into a drug enthusiast's dream, and stripped down footwork tunes with call and response and samples from Chaka Khan and Luke effectively round out the four-track delight. We On 1 is out on vinyl on Monday, April 28, and available via digital retailers on May 13.  You can pre-order the vinyl via Juno, and stream this fantastic release below: