Thank you Lido, your timing is impeccable. This past weekend the music world lost a living legend with the passing of DJ Rashad. As the DoAndroidsDance crew, the TEKLIFE crew, the city of Chicago, the footwork scene, and all of us together mourn, it's important that we allow ourselves to truly feel the pain so that we can acknowledge it and move on. Lido's new "Ain't No Sunshine" bootleg does just that as the young Norwegian artist takes the classic soul song and gives it new life with a breath of thick electro organ synth sounds and a Cashmere-esque pitter-pattery rhythm much like a heart on the verge of bursting into something profound. It's genuine and in a world where "irony is killing our culture," that's all we can really hope for at this point it seems.

The track is a taste of Lido's hands-in-the-air melodic futuristic beat music and is sure to whet appetites even more as we wait for Lido's up-coming Pelican Fly release. No DL on this unfortunately, but shit - we still got this one going. We needed this one today.

(Run The Trap)