Hometown: Manhattan/NYC

Twitter: @LE1FNY

You should listen to: "Swerve" 

Between recently signing with Terrible Records/XL Recordings, performing on Letterman with Blood Orange and shutting down another rant from Lord Jamar who says rappers like Kanye West and him are “feminizing” rap’s image of the strong black male, Le1f is quickly making a name for himself outside of the underground he’s made waves in for the last few years.

First getting widespread buzz with his bounce-encouraging 2012 single “Wut,” Le1f’s raps and production are at times murky with his low-pitch warbling, while at other times he’s making head-spinning base-heavy cuts like last year’s “Cloud So Loud”. His recent Hey EP finds him at his most lyrically inventive. On every track he flows more fluidly than he does in earlier work and as more attention pours in, he seems more focused on proving himself as someone with lyrical ability, even if that means coming at bandwagoners and those who’ve been sleeping on him the whole time.