We Got This is a west coast collective that is pushing some truly marvelous music. Their first release is available for a dollar, includes a stack of homies that we've been pushing since we've been in operation, and set the tone for things to come. The second installment repeats some of the heavy-hitters from the debut, including Slagz, Mastah Syphe, M!NT, Bedrockk, and Dawn Safari. Also included is the bossman of Street Bass, Dev79, as well as a stack of fresh faces.

We Got This is pushing bass music to the next level. Different sub genres and different tempos are all intertwined, and each tune stabs at stereotypes. And though the entire effort is amazing, the tunes offered from Shlump and Dehousey are exceptionally ridiculous. It's up for free download via Bandcamp and it's Nappy certified. Turn it up another notch in your system.

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