Scene from the movie: CB4's stage show at Gusto's, prior to becoming CB4
Real life examples: Tyga

CB4 wasn't born CB4. (One could argue that "MC Gusto," "Dead Mike," and "Stab Master Arson" were never actually CB4.) But along the way, the guys once known as Albert, Euripedes, and Otis had to figure out who they were. And that took some trial and error, from their tribute to RUN-D.M.C. in the car, to their ill-fated stage shows at Gusto's, sporting different get-ups and using different rap styles, to no avail. It was only later on, when Albert stole Gusto's moxie, that the group came into their own.

Things aren't that different in 2014, where artists need to grow up before they take center stage, or else their flip-flopping will be on center stage for everyone to see... like Tyga, who's had lots of different personas; he went from being MTV's guy to being Pete Wentz's guy to being Lil Wayne's guy to being Kanye's guy. What a guy!