From BBC Radio 1 program host to (relatively) new dad to DJ/producer, the UK's own Tom "Toddla T" Bell has got an insanely full plate these days. However, like much of the underground popular EDM world, T's taken his time away from the scene to fall deep into the tech house rabbit hole. Yes, the same man that released moombahton bass-bin bruiser "Blaze Up" with David Heartbreak returns with something a lot less hard, and a lot more minimal with his forthcoming May 5 Defected Records release as Toddla T Sound, "Acid." The lead single from the forthcoming On Acid, it's a bubbling bit of two-stepping 303-laden funk, accompanied with toasting reggae vocals, directly in line with the rising tech house wave. Blessed with an intrinsic knowledge of the past and present of dance, Toddla's sounds always find a rapt audience on dance floors worldwide.