What Wikipedia says: "Minaj was later fired from Red Lobster because of her discourteousness to customers. She stated she had been fired from "at least fifteen jobs" for similar antics. Other jobs Minaj held were administrative assistant, customer service, and an office manager position at an unknown business located on Wall Street." - Wikipedia

Here's a list of 15 jobs we want to imagine Nicki Minaj being fired from for "discourteousness":

15. Apple Genius 
14. Elementary School Bus Driver
13. American Idol Co-Host
12. Greeter at Abercrombie & Fitch
11. Chris Christie's Chief of Staff
10. Museum Docent
9. Team President for the New York Knicks
8. Mariah Carey's Best Friend 
7. Lil Kim's Best Friend 
6. Beefeater
5. Lead Designer, HealthCare.Org
4. Ghostbusters III Co-Writer
3. Mr. Met, the mascot for the New York Mets
2. NYC Train Conductor
1. Hot 97's Summer Jam headliner