This is a rough one. Back in January a Manchester, UK favorite, Salford John, was attacked and put into a coma. He ultimately passed away a week later due to that attack, leaving behind a grip of friends but, more importantly, two daughters. While we won't be out there, we can't help but feel for this story, especially when it ends up bringing so many DJs together for a special charity show on Monday, March 3. The lineup? It includes some heavyweights, including Goldie, Marcus Intalex, Jenna G, Chimpo, Dawn Raid, and plenty more. It's also bringing out Dub Phizix, who recently took to his website to speak on his mate. You can check video down below of Dub Phizix playing the tune live, with Salford John going ham. Now, you can download "Salford John" for free, but truth be told, you should think about donating some $$$, as Dub Phizix is trying to raise more funds for John's daughters as well. If you grabbed the tune, send some funds. RIP Salford John.

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