Getting my hands on an early copy of a Teklife release is like a thug holiday. This is the most known footwork collective in the world, and they've been creating absolutely insane records for years. This one highlights a lesser known family member, San Fransisco's Taso.

Sleeping on his talent isn't an option, though. His ability to pick samples and weave them into original masterpieces is undeniable. Clips from Outkast, Migos, Yo Gotti, Wu-Tang Clan, Pharcyde, and a flip of one of the best rap records of all time, Camp Lo's "Luchini" have been masterfully reworked.

Numerous features from Spinn and DJ Rashad round this project out perfectly. We're giving out a free download of the "Luchini" VIP, but the alternate download link will redirect you to the full Teklife Till Tha Next Life Vol.1 project, which is for sale via Bandcamp and features a number of Taso solo tracks. Support the underground, folks.