This week's DAD mix is in a totally differently lane than anything else we've provided before. We've hit you with Supersillyus gems before, but this mix, appropriately titled "Odd Times With My Strange Friends," could be the best example of what they provide in their live shows. Which is pretty much anything amazing under the sun. It's "electronic," but it's also so much more. It's like taking some intense space drugs set to electronic beats (or as he calls it, "psychedelic electronic music"). If raves (sorry, EDM festivals) still practiced the art of the chillout room, we imagine it's contain a soundtrack similar to this one. You might recognize a Supersillyus tune here, a Shpongle track there, but not too many DAD mixes feature material from Tool, or Tortoise for that matter. If you're trying to expand your mind, you might as well hitch your wagon to whatever whip a five-eyed Mr. Bean is driving and enjoy the ride.

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Radioactive Sandwich - Time Dilation
Supersillyus - Interabang
Tool - Intension
Tortoise - The Equator
Blue Boy Productions - Getting Deep
Younger Brother - Happy Pills
United Future Organization - The Planet Plan
Shpongle - Monster Hit
Supersillyus - Palindromeda
Hinkstep - Sunrise from the Treetops
The Books - Group Autogenics II