Back in February we reported on the situation with Camp Bisco's 2014 festival. To make a long story short, there was some speculation on if there would even be a 2014 Camp Bisco, due to a) no permits or approvals being requested and b) MCP Presents was planning the Hudson Music and Arts Festival around the same time. We'd reached out to Camp Bisco at the time, and they said they'd be making an official statement, and that a number of the statements previously issued were "untrue."

Yesterday, an official statement from The Disco Biscuits and MCP Presents put the nail in the coffin, at least for the 2014 edition. There's no real reasoning aside from making a decision to take the year off. We've reached out (again) to Camp Bisco to get some idea of what swayed this decision, and will update you on what we hear.