Producer: Unknown
Mixtape: I Came from Nothing 2

Sometimes the best songs have modest aims. Surely this was the case with an early gem from Thugger's catalog, the unusually quaint stripper love song "Keep In Touch." Even though the track features an ongoing drop from whichever dot com it was culled from, the song's messiness is overcome by its endearingly amateur charm—and a heavy dose of strong songwriting. (Just try getting that chorus, and Young Thug's dessicated yelp, out of your head after you've heard it.) Its lyrics flit in between being comprehensible and surreal (what is "garden food?"), and he sometimes gives single-syllable words an extra one ("choppers everywhere, you have no reason to fra-iiight"). But its this tossed-off quality that gives it a unique sound in a hip-hop industry seldom confident enough to express such emotions. Young Thug told The Fader that he had no intention of releasing it when it was recorded, until "a couple of girls" convinced him otherwise. We owe them an eternal debt.