Let me preface this article from the jump: I'm tired of producers using popular club ready tunes that are pretty immaculate in their original state as their intended SoundCloud career launch.  Call me a hater or whatever, but there are many more original and interesting ways to carve out your own individual niche in this game.  As always, though, there's a couple that sneak in and really add something to the table that make dudes like me sometimes eat their words.  Give it up for HaveThat and Jameston Thieves for doing just that with these flips of Major Lazer and Pharrell's "Aerosol Can" and Dillon Francis and DJ Snake's "Get Low."  HaveThat cranked his version of "Aerosol Can" up on the trap tip with such a flex on the synth drop that it's almost belching at you with awesomeness.  Jameston Thieves turned "Get Low" in a full blown house stormer.  Dare I call it a touch of fidget resurgence?  Maybe, but cranking up the bpms and not doing a lazy and predictable midtempo snoozefest was definitely the power move.  Cop both of these ASAP as they're both immediate weapons, but let's avoid watering these two hit tunes down with a ton of garbage rehashes please?